At Koine we know automatic controls so well that we teach them at university, covering an extensive spectrum of problems ranging from modeling, identification, estimation, control and optimization.

We apply our expertise in applications for process control, mobile robotics, unmanned vehicle technology, and communications such as:

  • Control architecture design
  • HIL simulators
  • Optimal test coverage
  • ADAS system

Control architecture design

At Koine we cover the analysis and simulation of complex systems (singular perturbations, nonlinear dynamics, model order reduction) as well as control of systems with discontinuities (impacts, frictions, switching, averaging) taking care of the hardware where will be implemented.

We have applied our expertise over manufacturing, biomedical , vehicular and autonomous systems.



At Koine we have a  vast experience on Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) methodology, we can:

  • Select the most suitable hardware for your needs or..
  • devolop a purposly design simulator if nothing, that matches your needs, is available on the market
  • Set up  and configure a simulator for the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) under investigation;
  • Implement the wiring harness to connect the ECU to the Simulator;
  • Implement the load plate to be connected to the ECU;
  • Develop mathematical models to simulate the plant under investigation.

Optimal Coverage

At Koine we believe that exhaustive testing process requires too much time to be completed.

An optimization is necessary to reduce redundancy and to guarantee 100% test coverage.


We use test design techniques to

  • Determine the minimum set of test that grants the optimal test coverage in order to reduce test execution time.
  • Automate dynamic test scheduling.
  • Define metrics/measure for the determination of the test coverage

Advanced Driver Assistant Systems - ADAS

At Koine we research and develop ADAS technology applied to UAV’s and UGV’s. We cover the whole spectrum of activities ranging from control system architecture to on board applications.

We have deployed projects on path reconstruction, platooning, cooperative and adaptive cruise control using the most advanced applications gaining a vast experience both theoretical and practical.