Cyber Security

At Koine we are able to protect you from cyber-attacks at all level, protect your infrastructure, your data, your software applications, your assets and your information.

We can prevent that you are going to be attacked by:

  • Performing a vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and security auditing
  • Implementing protection solutions
  • Design processes and infrastructure for the  enforcement of the security within the enterprise
  • Training you

We can also came into rescue if you have been attacked already by:

  • Assuring business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Analysing the infection impact, removing the threat and restore the infected devices

At Koine we are the good guys and we are doing everything we can to protect you

 More than 90,000 malware analysed in our laboratory

  • A huge consolidated tool chain for malware and attacks dissection
  • A number of tools developed by our team for, malware detection, variants detection, family classification, and camouflaging and obfuscation detection
  • Different new paradigms of malware developed
  • Capability of localizing the payload (ransomware)

99,56 % of malware detection reached with our methodology