Software Factory

At Koine we really know how the software works, we cover the whole software lifecycle from requirements elicitation to testing and validation with cutting edge technology and automated process which gets to cost effective and high efficiency results.

We Design and develop integrated software systems using a variety of approaches, based on your needs and your project specification.

Thanks to our highly skilled engineers we are able to design and develop products and software solutions from the ground up.

At Koine we master a variety of programming languages and software allowing us to work over different industries and to bring innovative and out of the box approaches.

We are a one stop shop for all your software needs, no matter the challenge we are able to deliver in time and on budget

Software development

At Koine we program embedded control units and we produce software on various levels. We use the most efficient and advance development approach like the Model Based Design and V-Cycle to meet client specifications. Our main methodologies are:

  • Agile: lean methodologies oriented to an agile final result (ie. mobile and web); SCRUM methodology
  • Structured: phases defined and controlled also by precise projects milestone with activities organized in a very specific flow (used ie. aerospace industry)

Software and Hardware Validation

At Koine we test the software we have created for you, and even more the one that has been created by you or your partners, taming complexity while gain efficiency, using the most advanced test automation platforms.

We can test the hardware you are going to use a variety of methodologies and techniques.

At Koine we are also expert in-vehicle software failure analysis for EOL tests execution.